This pie, along with the pumpkin pie, falls under the category of custard/soft pies. As a total opposite from the pumpkin pie, this is not a pie for much decoration. It’s a pie created by the simplicity found in it’s prime ingredient: pecans. Here, the pecans are showcased and even enhanced by the flavor combinations that are created.  The best part: it’s easy to make.

Begin by rolling out your 8 ounce piece of dough (you’ll need to prepare two of these for this formula). Press it into the pie tin. You can trim the edges to create a basic, plain edge or you can flute it. Egg wash the bottom and dock it, as usual. Set the shell in the freezer while you prepare the filling.


Whole Eggs: 12 ounces

Butter, unsalted, melted: 4 ounces

Corn Syrup: 1 pound 8 ounces

Sugar: 7 ounces

Bourbon/Whiskey: .25 ounces

Vanilla Extract: .25 ounces

Pecans: 11 ounces

Chocolate: 10 ounces (optional)

Begin by chopping approximately half of the pecans, chop up the chocolate if you are using it as well.

Begin by mixing all ingredients except the pecans and chocolate in a bowl using a whisk. Mix well.

Add the chopped pecans and chocolate. Mix well.

Remove the shells from the freezer and pour this mixture into the shells, splitting evenly.

Using the whole pecans, place them on top of this mixture. They will float. You can organize them however you like, whether you choose to create a specific design or not.

Begin by baking in a 425 degree oven until the crust starts to brown on the edges. Then move to a 350 degree oven and finish baking until the filling has set.

Cool and eat. Yummy in your tummy!